Comfortable and attractive: how Miory Region is changing

Comfortable and attractive: how Miory Region is changing

Two years ago Miory District began actively developing. Aiming for sustainable development, the region is becoming increasingly attractive to tourists and comfortable for locals.


In May 2019, Miory District received support of nearly one million euro from the European Union to implement a three-year project "Together for Community and Nature: Strengthening of Development Process in Miory District through Partnership of Authorities and Civil Society" in partnership with the NGO "Akhova ptuszak Batskaushchyny" and the Latvian Rural Forum. It is time to take stock of the second year of its implementation.


One of the important features of the district is the largest raised swamp in Belarus - Yelnia. Within the framework of the project the wooden planking of the ecological path "Ozeravky-Yelnia" was prolonged and a camping site was set up in the nature reserve "Yelnia".


Деревянный настил к экотропе Озеравки Ельня на болоте Ельня построенный в рамках проекта  

As part of the Healthy Lifestyle component, a sports field was installed in the agricultural town of Yazno, and in the city of Miory the floor of the municipal sports hall was overhauled and three spectator stands were built in the sports complex.


Капитальный ремонт пола в городском спортзале


Since 1 September 2020, local initiatives are being implemented, two of which have received financial support of 60 thousand euros and eight have received 10 thousand euros each to implement their ideas. The results of their work will be summarised at the end of the summer.


The final work on Miory District Sustainable Development Strategy and Belarus' first Youth Sustainable Development Strategy as well as a manual on the development of sustainable development strategies are currently in the final stages of elaboration.


Local residents became actively involved in the drafting of the strategies. The Public Council for the Development and Implementation of the Sustainable Development Strategy of Miory District, established at the end of 2019 for the first time in Belarus under the District Council of Deputies, held 10 meetings during the second project year. At the meetings of the Council, the local authorities and the population, in addition to strategies, discuss topical issues of district development, thus increasing the participation of local residents in the regional governance.


Заседание Общественного совета


Representatives of the local authorities and members of the Public Council visited the village of Komarovo, Myadel' District, in March this year, where they exchanged experiences and were introduced to the local business incubator and local initiatives implemented with its help.


A number of seminars and trainings were held, thanks to which 16 people were accredited by the National Tourism Agency and certified as guides on the Yelnia swamp. Now they offer recreation for every taste: from guided tours with elements of berdwotting, deciphering of wild animal tracks, to meditations and safe bog extreme. Tourists can also buy original handmade souvenirs made in the wool felting technique.


Local residents took part in a volunteer nature camp in the national landscape reserve "Yelnia" - they repaired 12 jumper cables on the Dulský kanal.


Волонтерский природоохранный лагерь на Ельне 2


During the spring break, a three-day school camp was organised for the pupils of 8-10 forms in Miory. The students discussed the priority areas of the Youth Sustainable Development Strategy and, with the participation of experts, developed community initiatives for the youth platform at the branded environmental festival "Cranes and Cranberries in Miory".


Школьный лагерь


The festival itself was also financially supported in 2020 as part of the project. Every autumn since 2012 it gathers people not only from the district and region, but also from all over the country. The holiday is also known to foreign fans of agro-ecotourism.


Экологический праздник Жураўлі і журавіны Міёрскага краю  

The city park "Peninsula", where it is held, has been modernised: the footpath, dance floor, gazebo, children's play equipment, floor lamps and much more have been repaired.


Городской парк Полуостров


A big block of work was related to the visualisation of the district's tourism brand. An art object "Miory 1514" was installed on the Peninsula, benches with trash bins with a bright recognisable pattern of Miory Region were placed. The same benches appeared in the streets of Miory and in Disna Park.


Скамейка с урной с паттерном Миорского края


- "Four conceptual murals have already attracted Belarusian tourists to Miory, Disna and the village of Perebrodje," says project manager Aleg Sivagrakov. - A malawanka rug "woven" from the sights of Miory district, the largest portrait of the artist Yazep Drozdowich in Belarus, graffiti inspired by the unique technique of double weaving and a shop painting with a crane are perfect objects not only for taking selfies, but also for taking a closer look at the attractions of the district.


Мурал в Дисне 

You can find out more about these and other project activities on the website or in the groups "Together for Community and Nature: Miory District" in the social networks Vkontakte, Odnoklassniki and Facebook.