Latvian Rural Forum (LLF)

Latvian Rural Forum was registered in 2005 It brings together rural non-governmental organizations for the following purpose:

  • to promote sustainable development of rural areas in Latvia;
  • to strengthen civil society, encouraging local initiatives and cooperation;
  • to represent the interests of the rural population at national and international levels;
  • to cooperate with government, municipalities, non-governmental organizations (NGOs), business people and other institutions.

Main activities of the Latvian Rural Forum are:

  • development of a cooperation network of NGOs;
  • outreach and educational activities to enhance local initiatives;
  • strengthening LRF position in the dialogue between politicians and organizations;
  • work as a representative in dialogue with the Ministry of Agriculture of Latvia;
  • participation in the evaluation of local action strategies;
  • participation in the working group on the development of the state rural network;
  • work as an adviser to support European fisheries in Latvia;
  • representation of interests of rural NGOs in the civil society council;
  • participation as a member of a memorandum between Latvian NGOs and Cabinet of Ministers board of Latvia.

Address: Kalēju iela 57-8, Rīga, LV-1050, Latvia

Tel.: + 371 28855427