Brand book of Miory District


The brand book of Miory District was developed by the creative agency "Moloko" in order to position the district in a tourist context.


Positioning of the District will help to understand everyone who will arrange tourism in Miory District, how exactly to present the region, so that its image becomes integral in the minds of the target audience (a potential tourist of Miory District). In this case, the positioning will help to tell about the main tourist attractions that distinguish Miory District from other tourist attractions in Belarus.


Brand "Miory District" (the logo of the district and other design elements, developed in a single concept) will help to convey the positioning and fix the image of Miory District on a visual level in the minds of potential tourists. In other words, the task of introducing the brand is to ensure that the word combination "Miory District" ("Miory Region") in the consciousness of a potential tourist automatically caused a certain bright image (brand) and certain expectations from the trip (positioning).

Fixing such an association by building communication with the target audience on the basis of a single brand and the concept of positioning will allow it to work in the opposite direction: if the consumer wants to feel certain emotions and get certain impressions, he will remember Miory District. Bright images that are remembered will help the consumer to easily find the right information online, and it will touch Miory District.



1. in all advertising materials that attract tourists to Miory District;

2. all Internet sites where presentation, discussion or information about such a tourist destination as Miory District takes place;

3. all physical tourism objects of Miory District;

4. at holidays, festivals and fairs organized in Miory district and aimed at attracting tourist flow;

5. at souvenir and promotional products;

6. manufacturing unique culinary products that distinguish Miory District and are associated with its swamps, which may become an element of souvenirs.


Brand book of Miory District (download)


Brand Book of Miory District has been developed within the framework of the project "Together for Community and Nature: Strengthening of Development Process in Miory District through Partnership of Authorities and Civil Society” financed by the European Union and implemented by Miory District Executive Committee in partnership with APB BirdLife Belarus Public Association and Latvian Rural Forum.