"Green" infrastructure

In the process of implementing the project "Together for Community and Nature: Strengthening of Development Process in Miory District through Partnership of Authorities and Civil Society", activities have been implemented to build tourism infrastructure in the national landscape reserve "Yelnia".




Construction of a wooden decking to the already existing "Ozeravki-Yelnia" eco-trail allowed not only to increase the number of tourists (as during the off-season and rainy season the approach to the eco-trail was difficult and unsafe), but also to reach the less mobile population group. The total length of the path is now 2.5 km, of which more than 1 km is equipped as part of the project "Together for Community and Nature: Miory District".


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Two 10-metre metal observation towers are installed on two of the most popular routes (the village of Sukhoverzhje - Kurganistoe Lake, the Ozeravki-Yelnia eco-trail), in places of mass bird migration. They make it possible to attract birdwatchers, including tourists from other countries, to the area. The towers are a great place from which to view the different stages of the marsh's development, to observe the birds living in the marsh and simply to admire the amazing landscape.


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Two camping sites with a campfire, picnic tables, toilets, information boards were also set up as part of the project. The sites, as well as the towers, are equipped on two popular routes (the village of Suhoverzhe - Kurganistoe lake, the Ozeravki - Yelnia eco-trail), which allows to comply with the legal regime of the reserve and allows tourists to stay for a longer period of time.


Оборудование места для кемпинга на болоте Ельня навес кострище туалет мусорные контейнеры


The implementation of these project activities contributes to the development of the ecotourism potential of the Yelnia Nature Reserve and the region as a whole.