About the project

Project implementation period: 36 months (from May 01, 2019 to April 30, 2022).


Project Partners: Miory District Executive Committee, "APB-BirdLife Belarus", Latvian Rural Forum.


Donor: European Union.


Main Project Goal: creating an existing mechanism for implementation of Miory District sustainable development strategy which will be based on cooperation between the local authorities and civil society associations, and practical implementation of this model with a focus on promoting involvement and responsibility of the local community, supporting cultural and biological diversity, developing social infrastructure, protected areas and "green" economy.


Project Tasks:

  1. To increase the activity and involvement of Miory District community in the work to preserve the unique natural potential of the region through development of the cultural and creative sector;
  2. To strengthen the potential of local authorities and management in the field of sustainable participatory development of the District;
  3. To increase the level of social infrastructure and small businesses in the District.


Major Project Components:

  1. Formation of the institutional framework for the implementation of the participatory strategy for sustainable development of Miory District through drawing up a sustainable development strategy of the District, setting up of the Public Council for its implementation, territorial working groups and the Local Development Agency;
  2. Conducting information and educational work with local authorities on regional development issues using the experience of the European Union countries;
  3. Implementation of the branding campaign "Cranes and Cranberries of Miory District", including District's brand development, branding of products and services, holding similarly-named holidays;
  4. Development of basic infrastructure, social and environmental facilities, including the creation of sports and camping grounds, viewing platforms, extension of the wooden flooring of the ecological path, improvement of the recreation areas, modernization of services and infrastructure of the health care system, etc.
  5. Support of the society and entrepreneurship activity of the locals through financial assistance for the implementation of ten local initiatives.


All Project Components will be combined using a common strategy for Sustainable development of Miory District, due to which a positive synergetic effect is expected.